The SkullBros Inaugural and Invitational 40k Escalation League of Extraordinary Gentlemen


Look at this–actual content on the blog!

With summer fast approaching and WFB being terrible (seriously, who’s still playing End Times?), SkullBros have decided to get weird.


Okay, never THIS weird. Fuckin’ A.

Thus, we’re going with 40k. And we’re doing something similar to this old gem:

tale of four gamers

Remember this? God this was good.

Back in the days when White Dwarf used to be good, they had the Tale of Four Gamers segment. And fuck was it good. Like “letting out that long, burning fart you’ve held in for hours because it might scare away the girl you’ve been hangin’ with or kill grandma” good. So we’re gonna do that. Only a 40k version. With 16 dudes. #SausageFest

This beast will run 6 months, adding in 250pts a month, ending with 1500pt armies. Most of us are building new shit; however, a few lazy (or smart) bastards are finishing or re-skinning existing armies. Keep your eyes peeled for hobby pictures, as we have a few of the best hobbyists the Midwest has to offer in this thing (spoiler-I’m not one of them).


[Nerding Intensifies]

We’ll also be playing 2 games a month with scenarios written by me. Oh look, here are the first match-ups now:

Month 1, Game 1
250 Points Scenario: Silence the Guns Result:
Opp 1 Opp 2
Kevin Bruins (SM: Space Wolves) Roder (Tau)
Adam Sammon (CSM Khorne) Sam Stewart (Astra Militarum)
Andrew Navaro (SM: Salamanders) Stephen Schreader (ORKZZZ)
John Shaffer (Crimson Fists) Tim Flanders (Alpha Legion)
Brian Sass (Skitarii) Adam Trunzo (ORKZZZ)
Eric Hagen (ORKZZZ) Dan Grothe (Dark Eldar)
DurtyB (CSM: Crimson Slaughter) Zach Shelley (SM: Blood Angels)
Mikey G (Eldar) Wade Piche (Tyranids)

If you know anything about us SkullBros, you know that playing for keeps is hardly our deal. Thus, we’re doing this super-narrative style. Just fun games meant for beer and pretzels. That being said, I’ll keep track of records and whatnot. Those records and accomplishments will be dictating the narrative and possibly even scenarios, so there’s some cool stuff ahead. I’ll be writing narrative/fluff every couple of weeks as a way to reveal the story behind what we’re doing. Not only are there some big(ish) reveals, but there’ll be some sweet stuff coming, culminating in a massive mega battle in October. Gonna be rad as fuck.

I’ll be throwing up Intro blurbs for everyone in the next month so you can see the losers involved and get a feel for what we’re striving towards in our individual armies. We’ll have monthly updates from everyone too, so you’ll be able to follow along with us as we figure out what we want to build/paint, why, and how badly those new units will pound Sambo.

And if you want to know what the Scenario “Silence the Guns” is or what fluff might be written, here’s a link to the public drive folder: SkullBros Escalation League. [I’ll be adding to the Drive folder every couple of weeks FYI]

By the way, writing scenarios for 250-500pt armies is hard. If anyone has any cool ideas or thoughts surrounding that, feel free to drop me a line. Hard to keep it interesting when people generally have 1-2 units.

Otherwise, that’s about it. Keep your eyes peeled for cool stuff!

Happy painting!

*Note: For those of you that follow multiple blogs, you’ll notice that this is pretty close to what I posted from the YouMagnificentBastards blog yesterday. I’m going to be changing up the format starting with the next few posts (god-damn Google’s weird blacklisting shit). One will likely be heavier with army diaries/hobby stuff and the other with games, results, and rules/scenarios. I’ll be linking both of them to each other each other though, so you won’t have to miss out on anything.

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