Summer Siege Warhammer Tournament

A big thanks to all the cool kids who showed up for the the last Luthor Huss trophy fist fight. We had a great turn out with several previous winners showing up including Skull Bros very own Road Dog.  Lots of good dice, food and shit talking lead the day for a smooth tourney. In the end Alex Davy took home his third Huss putting him into his own category.

Although this may be the last Luthor Huss trophy (…there are those who know the meister arts of molding) this does not mean the Tower Games Summer Siege is done forever. Over the last decade and with the help of friends I have run many tournaments and events spanning a couple different game stores and owners. The idea has always been get a place to play, get good terrain and get the people in for some fun.

Like some other Skull Brothers, I’m 6 years deep in the ranks of being a gamer dad, house owner bla bla bla. It’s time for this torch to pass. Time for some young bucks who have nothing better to do than collect every book, dream every list and make events up-to-date and fresh. I’ve talked to Mike Gerold and I think he would run a good show. In fact, he has already run the newest version of the Valentines Day Massacre and so his feet are wet with responsibility. ~grin~

So I say- Nabroleon, the hammer is yours battle bother!

Thanks again to everybody,