Broeskas Red Corsair Project.


Hey Fuckers,

So I’m yet to post hobby shit on the site yet because I’ve been SUPER fucking lazy and keep forgetting to hit up Roder for the passwords and shit. Currently on the hobby table I have the last of my Red Corsairs stuff to finish, a Heldrake and a Warpsmith. It will be slightly over a year long project by the time these bro’s get done. Which isn’t bad as my Ogre army ran about 5 years to complete. Mind you it took a long time for that one because of crippling alcoholism and a divorce. This army went pretty smoothly because I had none of that shit to deal with.

Like we’d mentioned in “The Rent is Too Damn High” episode I wanted to keep this project on the low end of costs. Most of it I picked up off of Bartertown and Ebay. They were all covered in paint so I started the process of stripping the models with water and Pine Sol and gave them a good scrub. For some reason I enjoy stripping and cleaning used models. There is a weird happiness I get from giving new life to hammered models. Plus cheap.

Then I raided Hoard O Bits to pick up a ton of Catachan arms and heads so I could give these dudes a more of a stripped down, pirate kind of feel. Red Corsairs raid for supplies and wouldn’t have anywhere to repair damaged armor, so I figured they would just toss what no longer worked. Plus it makes this project WAY more tedious an undertaking. I’m all about making my hobby as painful as possible.

Assembling these guys took some time as the arms didn’t really line up and each required a ton of greens stuff. I also decided the heads should be bare and they were going to sport bandannas over their faces. Overall there was a lot of green stuff per model and it was tough to get through. However, I soldiered through it, taking several extended breaks to keep from burning out. I managed to get 1850 ready for Darkstar a few months back and ended up with a passable paint score in my opinion. I’ve since started finishing off the rest of the models I’ve amassed in an attempt to complete the entire force before moving on to a new army project.

Now I’m still working on finishing off the paint on around 2600 points of these guys. I keep finding areas that can be painted tighter or where more contrast is needed with and additional wash or highlight. Recently I reworked all of the basing on my army, just to add a point or two to my overall paint score. It was a simple matter of adding a few grass tufts and adding a painted skull here or there. Last week at the shop E-Money pointed out that my golds needed a higher highlight to make that shit pop. He’s fucking right of course, so I gotta get that taken care of as well. After the Darkstar I took a hard look at my overall paint score and tried to be as objective as possible in terms of my work. There is ALWAYS room for improvement. You should never be afraid to revisit an army and keep tightening it up. My Vampire Counts have been reworked countless times over the years. I’ve even considered giving them some love again!

Bottom line: Never let a disappointing score disappoint, use it as a tool to improve your painting. (After you are done raging about it for a few days…)

After 5 years of Ogres I got to hate working on them because it was my only hobby project. I’m going to mix it up the next couple years and spread out the love to keep that from happening again. Even though HOBBY LOCKDOWN is in effect I hope to get some new cool shit finished this year. As long as I can wrap this damned ‘Drake model and Warpsmith soon that is!

Keep it tight butthole,